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Dr. Jennifer McPeek, Osteopathy in Steamboat Springs, CO


Osteopathy can be a primary treatment or a complement to other treatment methods. Osteopathy is an approach to health that works with the body’s natural capacity to correct, balance and heal itself.

You will find Dr. McPeek’s style of Osteopathic Manual medicine is a gentle form of hands-on treatment. She does not use physical therapy machines or assistants to administer any part of the treatment.

Freedom of movement is the basis of health. The type of Osteopathy Dr. McPeek practices is a dynamic way to work with your innate potential for change, movement and healing.

Dr. McPeek works with her patients towards healing the whole person. Prevention is an integral part of her philosophy. Good health requires a commitment from the patient to participate in the healing process. Osteopathic medicine supports your body’s healing ability. You must be willing to become aware of the potential for healing and change in the many forms in which it may present itself to you. Dr. McPeek sees her role in this as a facilitator, teacher and guide in the education and evolution of the body, mind, heart and spirit.

I can honestly say my pain has gone and I am able to do many things I couldn’t do before I started treatments with her… I sincerely am grateful to Dr. Jenni and would recommend her to anyone that has suffered with back pain or disorders.”

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