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Patient Stories

“My personal experience with lower back pain has been a continuing problem for many years. I have been treated by numerous doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths and physical therapists over periods of time with only temporary relief. My condition was severe pain. In 2005, I was talking to my son in law who also has had the same symptoms I have. He recommended I see a doctor who specializes in cranial osteopathy. I opted to see Dr Jennifer McPeek. Her treatments are not an overnight cure but a month or two after my treatments started I saw a huge difference in my day to day activities. I can honestly say my pain has gone and I am able to do many things I couldn’t do before I started treatments with her. Dr. McPeek is not only excellent at  her job, she is kind, caring and considerate, very attentive and she also stays current with new treatment options. I sincerely am grateful to Dr. jenni and would recommend her to anyone that has suffered with back pain or disorders.”

– 62 year old female


“Approximately 4 years ago I was involved in a serious side impact car accident where my car was hit in an intersection by another car traveling 45-50 miles per hour.  My injuries from this accident were quite serious and I was incredibly lucky to be referred to Dr McPeek for treatment.  Her work was, in my estimation, one of the key reasons for my recovery and continued improvement.  She was really the only practitioner who truly Understood my situation for my whole body standpoint. Of all the doctors I saw during that time, her help really seem to make the most difference to me, and daily functioning and dealing with pain. To be honest, from the beginning I was a bit of a skeptic, but she was able to prove me wrong. In addition I have referred a number of people to her, including family members, and they have been extremely pleased with her work. I would never hesitate to refer someone to her or see her again, if that is ever needed in the future.”

– C.D. 53 year old female


“August 13, 2004 at the university of Colorado Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, I was the patient of the Temporal lobectomy. This procedure surgically removed my hippocampus from the right frontal lobe. By removing this component for my brain, the neurological doctors were following a map that synthesized years of information, testing, drug failures, they clamped my head into a very large device which allowed the bone to be sawed, removing and later replaced. In my skull hallow, they inserted a neurological knife that pulverized my hippocampus, suctioned immediate trauma blood, and reinserted the bone, stapling and sewing stitches to Secure the bone in place.

After learning how to walk and navigate steps, the next thing I watched was my brain re-wire, re-connect, and re-boot my thinking, feeling, physical, and spiritual nature with my current physical form.  What should have been simple, has a habit of becoming convoluted.  In my situation, as seeing, pulsing pain in my right knee was an introduction to an overhaul of my family’s routine. Unbeknowist to me, I was a beginning medical tourist: Internist who prescribed X-RAYs and MRIs; a chiropractor who prescribed a computer program which monitored meridians through acupuncture points to determine which of my gland and/or organs were deficient; and another chiropractor who recommended stretching my spine with an electronic pulling machine.  This chiropractor had devised an outfit for the upper and lower torsos which were held in place by velcro and a piton clip attached to a motor pulling my body slowly apart.   The problem was when the jacket continued to pull and began to choke me, I had a presence of mind to find piton and release it before it choked me to death.

I was rotating between Internists because someone always knew of another specialist who may help. One of the Internist determined I had one or a combination of diabetes and/or high cholesterol. After the medical test determined all possible areas were very healthy, she prescribed pain medicine, neurological medicines, and anti-anxiety drug. She also recommend an orthopedic doctor specializing in sports medicine. He reviewed the x-rays requiring MRIs. He prescribed neurological medication; and ran a nerve conductivity test on my lower legs and pelvis. A nerve conductivity test determines the health of the nervous system. He placed an electrical current into my nerves looking for nerve damage. (I queried him about his knowledge of the side effects of what his lasering was doing to my body). After it came up empty, he recommended to me a physical therapist. In between, I was seen by an acupuncturist to actually place needles into the heart of my pain. My screen wasn’t good for his business in many different ways. Physical therapist began each session with a marvelous back rub with Arnica Cream and Ivy oil base. His hands knew how to alleviate pain. The mechanical sitting and laying down the leg and arm cycling machines, is the weight machines, and the stretches were very good because no harm came from it. However, after I told him my son and daughter-in-law needed help on their farm which my husband and I have been doing; he suggested that I swing as many hammers, walk around the entire 30 acre farm, and continue any manner of working on the farm.

Alas, I was medicated, exercised, and enduring chronic pain. My husband is an insurance specialist. We begin the process of finding an excellent doctor. He found Dr. McPeek, I made an appointment and my healing really did begin, several months have passed; my neck and shoulder pain has abated. Because I have seen my pain lesson and stamina return, I have brought the following people to see Dr. McPeek:  my 90 year old mother-in-law, my daughter, and my husband. Both my husband and I have referred several people to be seen.

I believe Dr. McPeak is a true healer. She is highly intuitive, kind, knowledgeable, personable, exacting, professional, and honest. I know she can coax my body to find it’s wellness. This is a wonder and a blessing.  Thank you, Dr. McPeek.”

– 59 year old woman

I can honestly say my pain has gone and I am able to do many things I couldn’t do before I started treatments with her… I sincerely am grateful to Dr. Jenni and would recommend her to anyone that has suffered with back pain or disorders.”

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